RDN votes to advance Meadowood Community Centre into tendering process!

The RDN board voted today to advance the MCC (Meadowood Community Centre) into a tendering process based on a 1.3 million dollar budget. This is a very big step forward in the years long process to see isolated Meadowood Residents finally securing their own place to gather and recreate. Funding for the MCC comes from Area F’s community works funds not from local taxpayers. Each year dollars associated with gas taxes are turned over by the Province to local governments for investment in community infrastructure. Each Electoral Area is allocated a share of these funds.  The MCC will be operated by the CMRA through an operations agreement with the Regional District. The facility as a whole as well as rooms within will be available to rent by local residents at comparable rates to other similar facilities. As well, its anticipated RDN programs will also run out of the Centre.

Here is the motion that was passed earlier today (July 28th)…

1. That construction drawings be finalized for the community centre in the Electoral Area ‘F’ Corcan Meadowood community and the project proceed to tender with a target completion date of October 21, 2020, and that the cost to add a well and water connection to the building as well as a sports floor be included. And, that the Director will provide alternate direction if the target date is not met.

2. That the Regional District of Nanaimo contribute up to $1.3 million dollars from Electoral Area ‘F’ allocation of Community Works Funds for the construction of a community centre in Electoral Area ‘F’ and that any remaining funds be returned to Electoral Area ‘F’ Community Works Funds, pending approval from the Union of BC Municipalities.

The tendering process is expected to take approximately 12 weeks at which point construction can begin. Once the final detailed design is complete we will post it here.

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