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A series of storms is headed in our direction and

expected to hit starting late Wednesday.  Make sure

you are prepared!



Emergency Preparedness

High Risk Fire Season is almost upon us!


Watch this documentary “Fire Storm – Out of the Ashes”

available on the Knowledge Network until June 19th ….

filmed 10 years after the devastation of Kelowna’s 2003 wildfires,

it is a poignant reminder of how quickly disasters can escalate:


Please share this link with your friends and neighbours

as a reminder to be aware & get prepared

Thank you!

December 7 Weather Alert

Forwarding the following message just received from R.D.N. Emergency Preparedness:


Forwarded message:


Your area has received around 115 mm of rain since Friday – that’s enough to keep the ground saturated despite the few times its slackened off.  The province has just announced a conference call for emergency management stakeholders shortly, but I can tell you generally now that we are anticipating more heavy rain overnight and into tomorrow. 


Heavy rain, combined with high winds and already saturated ground creates conditions ripe for landslide.  Landslide is a sudden event, sometimes with catastrophic impacts to people and property – we encourage those residents who may be at risk to activate their personal recovery plans, potentially considering alternative accommodation.  It’s also a good time to check in with neighbours who may be new to the area or may need assistance if they have to leave their homes at short notice due to evacuation.   Residents should be made aware of this information in advance to allow time to make proactive choices about their safety.


I have copied the Environment Canada weather Alert.  Please click the link to read it.  Weather Alerts dec 7