Tender has gone out for the Little Qualicum Pedestrian Bridge

For quite some time we have been pressing for a replacement bridge over the Little Qualicum River. The original bridge was deemed unsafe and was removed two years ago. As a result of this closure we lost our Corcan-Melrose emergency evacuation route. Fortunately, after significant planning and delay, the Regional District is now moving forward with an invitation to tender to construct the Little Qualicum River Pedestrian Bridge replacement.

The tender document can be viewed here… https://www.rdn.bc.ca/sites/default/files/2020-05/20-031%20Little%20Qualicum%20River%20Bridge%20Tender.pdf

The bridge is designed to be clear-span, single lane;  constructed to serve pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians, park service vehicles, and emergency vehicles with a load rating to accommodate a fire truck. Vehicle access will be controlled by gates located on the access roads leading to the bridge and by removable bollards at each end of the bridge itself.  It will not be open to regular vehicle traffic. The local fire department and SAR agencies will be provided keys for access, along with other emergency service responders at their request. – RDN

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