Highway Interchange FAQ

CMRA Engineering Design/Study and Interchange F.A.Q.
Q Why have the developers not paid for access onto 19.
A. Developers offered land and assistance to build an Interchange onto Highway 19 before construction took place. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure commissioned a survey of the approximately 50 residential properties that existed on Corcan and area before final plans were drawn for the inland Island Highway, the residents at that time said no to access via an Interchange to Highway 19.

Q. Why are developers not coming forward now to pay for the Interchange?
A. Developers will be asked to pay per lot the same as all property owners in the corridor which will amount to a significant share of construction costs.

Q. I pay property taxes and that should cover my infrastructure costs as well.
A. The taxes we pay have already been allocated to Health Care, Schools, Garbage, Parks, Pick-Up Roads, etc. Without a new tax revenue stream (other revenue to pay for the infrastructure) there will be no new access. All Infrastructure Tax money is being spent on Larger projects with benefit to more of the population (Sayward Interchange in Victoria services 150,000 per day) our Interchange will only service 1,700 cars a day Initially.

Q. Why has the CMRA made an Interchange a priority?
A. This is a priority because all of the polls and surveys we have done indicate that our members overwhelmingly want this Interchange.

Q If we wait till a new government is elected they will pay for the Interchange, what is the hurry?
A. The Ministry staff and guidelines for major Infrastructure projects will remain the same regardless of the governing party, we will still not have enough volume of traffic to receive funding in the foreseeable future.

Q Why are you only planning on doing entrance and exit to Nanaimo / Qualicum.
A. The cost of building a bridge on the southbound Interchange from Courtney would make the interchange too expensive for our small population to pay for at this time.

Q Is what we are seeing on the CMRA website the final plan for the interchange.
A. No, that is why we are commissioning the engineering study to access the viability of that location. Engineering design to Nanaimo and from Nanaimo needs to be at a 100 percent complete and Engineering design to and from Courtenay will need to be 50 percent complete.

Q. If you are only building to and from Nanaimo why do we need to design the ramps to and from Courtenay?
A. The Courtenay entrance and exits need to be partially designed to ensure that the first phase is compatible with the second and final phase.

Q I thought we were only doing on and off to Nanaimo?
A. No attempt will be made to build the Courtenay on and off ramps until the Qualicum / Nanaimo Section of the Interchange is PAID for.

Q. Will an Interchange save time and money over the taxes we pay?
A. The CMRA council believes it will save money for anyone using the access 2 times a week or more (Click here to view cost saving Tables) (Page 2)
Time will be cut at least in half to transit to and from Corcan and the Qualicum Interchange and points south.

Q Will the interchange reduce air pollution?
A. Yes, click on this link to view CO 2 reduction Statistics.

Q Will the Interchange reduce travel time to the hospital
A. Yes and it will also vastly reduce travel time to the currently under construction Parksville Medical Clinic. It will also reduce the access time for emergency care “within the golden hour”.

Q In the event of a forest fire or natural disaster will an Interchange make a difference?
A. Currently only one open access escape route during a disaster is available to residents in the area and this Interchange Highway Access will allow a secondary route. Congestion of everyone in the area trying to exit one escape route is also a major concern to all.

Q What happens if we cannot raise enough money for the Engineering Design/Study?
A. All money will be returned to donors and the project will be shelved, best guess it will be 10 to 20 years before another group or residents association will attempt to put together a project of this scope, the CMRA core group has put in 5 years of unpaid mostly unreimbursed effort and moved the interchange to the point that if the residents and developers are willing to support it, it will be built. If the residents and developers decide to vote no by either not paying the 100 dollars for the engineering design/study or voting no to the tax at a later Date NO Further effort will be expended on the Interchange

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