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CMRA 2012 Year end report

CMRA Year 2012 in brief: January 2012 Opening Balance $6084.59 Presentation Booklet for Highway 19 interchange mailed to Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure waiting reply. February 2012 Minister of Transportation responds to Presentation Booklet and sets in Motion a meeting. CMRA sets up an account for bottles at the Qualicum Recycle depot Halloween event post …

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CMRA 2011 year end report

CMRA 2011 year end report January / February 2011 Opening Bank Balance $1777.28 Work on Highway interchange project continues with study of vehicle cost and co2 savings started Annie Donald proposes Halloween Bash at Meadowood community park. March 2011 Hydro completes upgrade linking to power grid in Whiskey Creek and Shaw Cable completes install and …

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