The Corcan-Meadowood Residents Association has been established as a non-profit organization to provide residents with a vehicle and voice for identifying and accomplishing development/improvement projects in our area and to promote social interaction.
The association is your chance to be heard on issues in our community that maybe of concern to you.

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  1. David Jones says:

    As the CMRA website administrator, I am not aware of any water safety information that was on the site which has been taken off.
    The water safety info may have moved off the front page – (there are hundreds of pages now) There is a search button on the right top of page and if you know what month it was published you can find it in the drop down menu on the right hand side of main page.

    Referring to Community gatherings, we have had many information meetings in the neighbourhood with Food available. Information has also been available on our website and at our A.G.M.’s.
    We agree with the community hall concept & the vision can be seen at link below.
    Money collected for the interchange engineering is being collected for that purpose only. If you would like to raise monies separately for a Yurt you could bring that up at our upcoming AGM to see if people are interested.
    The reason we are going door to door is to give everyone in the community an opportunity to discuss the highway interchange project with the C.M.R.A. people who have been involved from the start. We have had very few people who did not want to talk about it and the CMRA wants to know the interchange is what most of the community wants. Some folks are strongly opposed, while many others are very much in favour! ( Note: some young families were very much in favour of us dropping by because they are so busy as you indicated. Many of these young families have already donated the 100 dollars.)
    The CMRA is made up entirely with volunteers. Thus, to ensure we are not wasting our time by doing something Corcan Meadowood area residents do not want, it is necessary to contact as many people that live and own in the area.
    This is not an easy thing to do. We have been at it for 5 years to bring it to a point where we believe it can be done. Safety is the main concern as the last accident Aug. 12th was not the first. We caution all drivers to please be careful on the roads down to the old Island Highway. Lots of our residents live and walk along the way! The amount of traffic on these rural roads makes it dangerous even at the POSTED SPEED Limit! – never mind some of the excessive speeds we have all seen.

    Submitted on behalf of the C.M.R.A. by Chairperson for Highway Access Project.

  2. john reay says:

    When are the people who are pushing for this access going to realize that until they make corcan a safer road both for driving and walking on this whole proposal is putting the horse before cart don’t you think…….There will be a lot more truck and car traffic as development proceeds….

  3. David Jones says:

    Hi John,
    The CMRA has been working to have Corcan and Meadowood roads upgraded since its inception in 2009.The first link below is a photo of
    Potzilla published in Jan. 2010 and the second is how close the
    telephone, hydro poles are to Corcan. We have pushed to have the lines painted twice and discussed with MOT Vancouver Island district Staff our need to have Corcan Road maintained and upgraded. PLEASE write to:
    Johnathan Tillie, Operations Manager,Central Island Area, Ministry of
    Transportation and Infrastructure, 3rd Floor – 2100 Labieux Rd
    Nanaimo BC, V9T 6E9
    PLEASE share your views of the current state of Corcan Road and what you believe needs to be done. Please share this with the rest of our residents. I will publish it here on the website as you are absolutely
    I will not comment on future uses until a professionally drawn
    Inter-change plan is completed and addresses the feeder roads,
    conditions of which have been discussed with MOT multiple times in the past.
    Regards, Dave


    Hydro and telephone poles Corcan Road.

  4. Linda Mitchell says:

    I Just want to post on here to warn all residents, that someone is putting fishing line across from the meadowood store powerline trail. this is dangerous my son , was riding and hit it threw him off his bike causing injury . I am sickened that someone would do this. we have horse riders. pedal bikes motor bikes. ect that use these trails. if he was not tall I think it would have been a lot worse. please post for all to read I feel we have to warn others . Thank you.

  5. D Jones says:

    I have posted your comments on the Corcan Meadowood face book page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Corcan-Meadowood-Residents-Association/353555704660084

  6. al desimone says:

    I’m a new resident of this area & plan to join the association asap.I feel that my experience as a retired Min.of Hwys Manager will be of some value as I see many ” areas of nonconformance” to the contract, these are NCR’S & must be addressed by the Min personnel, especially when they are a safety hazard & boy are there many obvious safety issues “ie” site distance @ road inter- sections, pot hole every where that drivers are trying to avoid & create a very dangerous situation. You will hear from me again soon. Feel free to email me. Al.

  7. Al Desimone says:

    With the terrible fires that are going on in B.C. Please, please, stop everyone from driving those dirt bikes through the power lines et al. The sparks are flying, which is totally dangerous. Along the road way from Dorman where those trees are lying there totally dead. All we need is some idiot flicking his cigarette out the window and we are sunk up this way, NOW WAY OUT Plese, use some frigging common sense.

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