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  1. Luise Elphick says:

    Referring to The Emergency Action Plan, is there going be some kinda of alarm system to warn residence if there is a forest fire or any other desaster? Like a loud emergency siren. Thanks Luise

    • Admin says:

      Emergency Sirens cost mega bucks (thousands of $$$ each). Our area would require 2 – one for the Meadowood Store area and another for the Village up the mountain. Meanwhile,
      if an emergency is declared, Responders (Police/Fire Depts.) will circulate in the neighbourhoods with sirens to alert/warn residents. This is where a Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Plan is critical to have PODS in each neighbourhood with team leaders to effectively deal with emergency events. Stay tuned for the next Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Planning Session later in April.

    • V Lipton says:

      Great question Luise,

      A mass notification system, at(approx.) $15,000.00 per unit, is actually quite affordable. If the Corcan/Meadowood route was blocked (downed trees, mudslide, forest fire), we could not expect the Fire Dept and SAR techs to manually alert all residents (door to door) – especially late at night or during the early moments of a catastrophe.

      LQRV/CMRA residents may, as a community, decide to apply for funding for a strategically located Emergency Outdoor Warning System (see below) that would also include a robo-call or automated telephone call-out system. I’ve already initiated discussions with J. Lunney and the RDN about this.

      A petition to ascertain general interest could be launched requiring one signature per address/household. This community has already successfully raised enough money for the Highway Interchange to cover most of the cost of a warning system. Government grants from a variety of sources would cover installation and maintenance. So all this is quite doable and other municipalities have successfully acquired systems via funding (see the Tofino letter).

      We would all have to agree to occasionally test the (very loud) system and participate in “Fire Drills” coordinated by the Fire Department, either by posted notices or on specific dates (say, twice yearly) to ensure an orderly response during an emergency.

      These systems are well documented and I’ve provided some text and links below in order to help you all consider the possibilities.

      Valerie L.

      “A Toolkit for Community Planning”

      2.1.1 Factors to Consider in Developing a Warning Capability

      A public warning comprises two essential components: 1. an alert and 2. a message with instruction. An alert is intended to interrupt people from whatever they are doing at the time and secure their utmost attention. The message must convey what, where, when, and how severe the hazard is, how likely the hazard is to occur, and what action(s) needs to be taken by the recipients of the message.

      Alerts and messages are not always delivered by the same method or technology. For example, a siren or horn may be used to alert the public as a signal to tune to a local television or radio station to receive a corresponding message.

      • Omni-directional Air Raid Siren
      • Robocalls – recorded message

      Cost & Installation of Tofino System = $75,000.00 for 6 Sirens. Unit cost of Siren & Transceiver $12,000.00


      Mass Notification Manufacturers/Suppliers:

      http://www.midstatecomm.com/whelenflood.htm (scroll down to FEMA – Adobe document listing all systems)
      http://www.safetycom.com/pricing.html $15,000.00 US per System


      Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP) (Adobe letter Town of Sidney)
      Public Safety Canada: http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/mrgnc-mngmnt/index-eng.aspx
      Emergency Management BC http://embc.gov.bc.ca/em/funding_programs/funding_programs.html
      Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) http://www.rdn.bc.ca

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