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We need help cutting broom!

Hello everyone:

As you can all see, there is broom here!  Aren’t we lucky?


I’m sending this out to see who is available for cutting broom in the Meadowood area this year.  Please call or e-mail Joanne Sales: 250-752-4816, info@broombusters.org; or Betty Jablonski: 250-752-7119, ab@icbsolutions.ca to let us know if you can help out.


Please leave a message with your name, phone number and e-mail address and times you are available.  We will then let you know what dates will be scheduled and times.  The broom has to be cut in May or early June while the flowers are in bloom.


If you have friends, family or neighbours who you know would like to help please bring them along or ask them to sign up as well.  We need all the help we can get.


Can you please let me know as soon as possible if and when you are available so we can set up our first cut date.


Broombusters can supply equipment – you will need proper shoes, hat, sunscreen, water to drink and comfortable clothes.


The following are some rules for cutting broom:

  • Cut at ground level, don’t pull.
  • If broom is too large, cut off the manageable branches, including the low stems in the grass.
  • Pull out very young broom.
  • Do NOT disturb the soil – protect grasses and ground covers.
  • Go after the advancing edge and light infestations first – do not let new infestations get started or spread.
  • Disposing broom: On private land, take to the dump, compost or burn. Along trails: push cut broom under the shade of trees. Other areas: pickup or chipping may be possible but must be pre-arranged. Contact Broombusters 250-752-4816.

Broom Facts:

  • Scotch Broom is invasive – it can prevent reforestation, can take over fields, pastures, meadows and farms.
  • Broom spreads rapidly and densely, choking out native species.
  • A single plant can produce 18,000 seeds (can last 30-50 years in the soil).
  • Fire hazard.
  • Toxic to animals and soil.
  • Seriously harms our health, forestry, farming, tourism, and ecosystems.


As in the past, waivers will need to be signed.  We’ll stack what we’ve cut and a volunteer(s) will come by and pick it up either for burning or chipping.


Thanks everyone!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Betty Jablonski




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